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We have over a decade experience in digital product design & development, and are happy to help you out with your project.

Our services

We love to build small to medium sized apps from start to finish. We exclusivly develop with #flutter.


Digital Product Design

From idea to finished product. We can help you make it a reality


User Interface

Crafting a beautiful modern interface for your mobile, desktop or web app is our specialty.


User Experience

Making sure your users not only love, but can’t get enough of interacting with your app!


Front-End Development

Turning design into a real front-end with cross-platform functionaliy and state-of-the-art practices.


Back-End Development

Database architecture, authentication, security, scalability - you name it, we make it!



In need of advice? Don't worry, we're very happy to share our expertise with you!

Jumio Surface Tool 2.0

The Snifti Company has designed and developed a customization tool for easy style customization of Jumio's SDK.

Jumios Surface Tool 2.0 allows for easy visual customization of the Jumio online verification SDK. Integration to client apps becomes a breeze.

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